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Your Wedding Host in Halifax

So, you are looking at your wedding day in the great place that is Halifax? 

Amazing! Here in Halifax we have some great venues and locations to celebrate your special day! Have you thought about your whole day experience?

Let's face it, your wedding is probably going to be the most expensive three course meal of your life so let's make the experience as personal and memorable as possible.

Nathan Connelly

Wedding Host & DJ



I spend a lot of time within Halifax and surrounding areas but I do also travel nationwide.

I don't mind using my passport from time to time as well, always open to ideas on destination.


30th March, if you would like to send a card? 

What Do You Actually Do?

My role as your wedding host varies hugely from couple to couple but essentially, I am part of your day to tie everything together and also creating a bespoke experience for you and your guests.

Your Day, Your Way.

I've had the pleasure of being a part of the big day for so many couples here in Halifax and across the country, tying everything together.


Halifax and the surrounding area has some great venues and places to get married! You have chosen a great place to look at having your wedding day!  

I take pride in being trusted to take you on your wedding journey from our very first interaction, in which I take the opportunity to learn about you and find out everything you are looking for with regards to your day.


Whether it be a non-stop party from the moment you walk into your wedding breakfast or maybe just someone to ensure everything comes together without you having to lift a finger. 

Not only this, we will also take the time to speak about your evening, creating the perfect soundtrack for you and your guests. 

Coming from a background of nightlife and hospitality, I would say we will be able to make the day completely personal where virtually nothing is impossible.

Feel free to hit the button below and check my availability for 2024/25.

Limited Availability for Late 2023 - Get in touch to secure your date!

The Questions that everyone asks.

What is your background Nathan?

Why Wedding's Nathan?

What Is A Wedding Host?

Well, I originally started within bars and nightclubs at the tender age of 18, playing to crowds ranging from a couple of hundred up to and well over one thousand in some of the biggest clubs in the UK.

This really was a blessing due to the nature of the clientele being so vast, from students all the way to corporate hospitality.

If I am completely honest the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic brought me into the wedding space. Prior to this, I always was of the assumption that it was just all traditional "wedding music", how wrong I was! 

I can now see what so many had told me before it is all down to you as couples, so personal and vast when it comes to music. 

I have been a part of 200 plus weddings now within Leeds and nationally and it has been amazing to play a fundamental role in the special days of so many. Seeing everything unfold the way each couple had planned and ensuring every special day is unique and full of personality.

A Wedding Host is someone who ties everything together while adding a unique level of energy into your day, it's your day so simply do it your way!

Think about your day. You have an amazing ceremony with the most important people, then comes your wedding breakfast.


- What does your wedding breakfast look like? 

- Do you have the right atmosphere in your room?

- Do you have any entertainment in this period?

Coming into the wedding space I was surprised to learn about the layout about the traditional wedding day. When you think about everything, without adding something into your wedding breakfast it could possibly be the most expensive three course meal of your life.


Make your day unique.

Your day. Your way.

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