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All Day Wedding Host Package

From Ceremony* to last dance 

My all-day hosting package allows you to completely customise your wedding day experience. From your ceremony* to the final dance, I will be with you. 

As you can imagine this is the most requested service I offer due to the value couples associate with having that principal point of call throughout the day adding the right level of energy to proceedings. 

From your initial enquiry, we'll speak about your day and how we can really make your personality shine through in all aspects, most of all your wedding breakfast! Let's face it, it's probably the most expensive three-course meal of your life, so let's really make it YOUR experience. 


I will then also be your evening DJ, working solo or with your other entertainment suppliers. With over 10 years of experience within nightclubs and high-end hospitality, I am able to adapt to nearly any audience.

Upon booking, you will gain access to my online portal. This allows you to create your dream playlist to compliment the evening and keep up to date with all our correspondents in the lead-up to your wedding. 

Remember, it's your day. So do it your way.

*Ceremony PA charge may apply -  Do contact me for more details.

Evening DJ Package

Nightclub Style Wedding DJ 

As your evening DJ, I will be drawing on my experience from working in some of the finest nightclubs in the UK. Being able to adapt your evening experience for you and your guest with a diverse music library. 


Since coming into the wedding space, I have been empowering couples to put their personality into the feel for the evening and not just settle for the norm. Not your typical "wedding DJ"

My price includes travel up to 200 miles and the sounds and lighting equipment necessary for your event.


Do get in touch for more information and let's chat about your evening! 

Daytime Host

Bring your daytime to life!

The daytime experience of a wedding has and is always evolving, with couples looking to show off their personality at different moments of the day and add value to the overall wedding experience.

The Daytime Host package is great for couples who are not looking to have a DJ in the evening but are wanting to ensure a memorable and unique experience from drinks to first dance.

Remember it's your day, don't settle for standard.

Nathan Connelly Wedding Host
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