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Sally & Theo

We had Nathan for our wedding in September and I must say, he was absolutely perfect for the job. From start to finish, he brought the whole event together with his interactive and amazing hosting skills.

Nathan's energy and enthusiasm were contagious, creating an incredible atmosphere that set the tone for the entire day. His ability to engage with the guests was remarkable, as he effortlessly connected with everyone, leaving no one feeling left out.

What impressed me the most about Nathan was his interactive approach. He incorporated various games and even dance-offs that had everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.

Not only did Nathan bring the fun factor, but he also ensured that the wedding ran smoothly. He worked seamlessly with the entire event staff, coordinating transitions between different parts of the day flawlessly. His organisation skills were top-notch, ensuring that everything happened according to the schedule without any hiccups.

Don't think about it.... just book him!!!!

Thanks Nathan

Love Sally & Theo x x


Hello, I'm Nathan a Wedding Host & DJ.


My role is to tie everything together on your special day, looking after you and your guests, all while adding the right level of energy to make your experience both unique and memorable.


It's Your Day, Do It Your Way.

What are the options?

I have three main packages for weddings. 

These are: 

- All Day Wedding Host 

- Evening DJ 

- Daytime Only Host

I do also like to dust off my passport. So, if you are planning your special day overseas I can also offer a tailored solution for you.

This does take a little more planning though so please hit the button below to start talking about your wedding in your chosen destination.

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